Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our 99th slice of toast - Pepsi & whipped cream

Do people actually eat this kind of stuff?  Grace and I aren't fans of pepsi or coca-cola.  To be honest, I don't drink any non-alcohol carbonated beverages at all.  If it's not water, tea or coffee - it's alcoholic.  Sometimes I make my coffee alcoholic, just to push the boundaries.  I'm crazy like that.

We buttered the toast (obviously) and I decided to cut mine in to dipping strips, allowing for easier dunking abilities.  Planning as though I was intending on enjoying this one?  I wasn't expecting anything of the sort.  I arranged my dunkables in a michelin restaurant style, though the picture just does it no justice!  It looked pretty 5 star from my angle.  However the toast was arranged, nothing could have made this taste good.  The pepsi taste, the fizz, everything that had anything Pepsi involved was detestable.  And detested by us.  And rightly so!

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