Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our 101st slice of toast - Oatmeal

101st doesn't sound right - but i'm quite sure it is.  Oatmeal is a healthy and hearty form of carbohydrates, great for a sustainable breakfast to get you up in the morning and last you until lunch.  I was already awake as i'd had eggs and a coffee for breakfast.  So, my oat fix was coming in at brunch.  We went for Quaker good morning instant oat sachet's, which Grace had donated to me months ago after years of drawer storage.  I didn't use them either and it would seem that these things just don't go off!

So, in case you are currently in the dark to the instant Quaker good morning oat sachet's, you poor the oats in to a bowl and fill the empty sachet back up with milk, to the line near the top.  You then poor the milk in with the oats and zap it for 2 minutes in a microwave, during which time the oats have a wild party with the milk and they become porridge!  Its science.  On toast, this was bland but not awful.  It honestly wasn't bad.  It just wasn't that NICE.  Perhaps it could have done with some jam...

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