Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Our 116th slice of toast - PB, dipped in chocolate milk

WHERE HAS SKIPPY GONE!?  Calm your shetland ponies, we acquired some free Sunpat wholegrain crunchy PB, which is delicious, so went for a change.  Skippy lives on.  This new PB was a bit shy and hid behind the bowl.  So very unlike our Skippy.

We chose Yazoo for our chocolate milk.  Chocolate, PB and toast is a wonderful combination, as shown in slice 62 (Reese's pieces) but this didn't quite compare.  The chocolate taste was there, but not significantly enough and in hindsight, we should probably have gone for a thicker grade of chocolate milk such as Frijj.  Still, quite nice.  Different for sure.  But I preferred our 62nd slice.

Our 115th slice of toast - Lime butter

I used to like drawing the cross sectional view of lime's at school.  I have more recently lost my interest in fruit art and prefer to suck on my lime segments with tequila shots.  How far i've come.

This meant mixing some butter in a bowl with the zest and juice of half a lime, followed by splattering the mixture it across the toast.  We used a knife to zest - which was quite dire.  The slice basically tasted like basic buttered bread, but with a tang.  Which we liked yo.  And yes, more green.

Disclaimer: The unused half of the lime was pictured, for presentation purposes.

Our 114th slice of toast - Avocado

I've never seen someone attempt to eat an avocado like a pear, unaware of the large solid stone that lurks inside.  I would love to see it though.  It would be hilarious.  Avocado's are full of monounsaturated fats which is great for your skin and hormone production, amongst many of the general benefits you see labelled about the world.  But most importantly and visibly - it's good for your skin.

We cut ours down the middle, all the way around the stone and twisted the two halves apart.  The last avocado we had was far from ripe and caused discomfort.  This avocado on the other hand was perfect.  It cut well and was easy to bite in to too, almost eliminating any risk of either of the UFS or CSD actions.  Eat this.  And again, some wonderful green

Our 113th slice of toast - Cream cheese & kiwi

A kiwi is technically called a kiwifruit.  This is generally abbreviated to share its name with that of a small flightless bird native only to New Zealand, called the kiwi.  We didn't put the bird on toast.  This isn't to say we wouldn't, should the opportunity be laid down upon our blue towel plates, but we weren't presented with this opportunity so went for the kiwifruit instead.

Kiwifruit has a sharp taste to it.  I once overheard a strange conversation between two campanologists, discussing those who do and those who don't eat kiwifruits with their skins still on.  To eat a kiwifruit alone, both Grace and I prefer to cut it in half and scoop that sharp juicy centre out with a spoon.  We used this same method to apply it on our slice of toast.  The cream cheese mellows the sharp taste quite well, but as a combination I didn't find they were best suited.  Not all bad though.  I like the colour green, for example.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our 112th slice of toast - Boiled egg & pickled herring

Technically, this wasn't your simple pickled herring.  I shopped in Sainsbury's for this and they had either rollmops or marinated herring.  For information a rollmop is pickled herring, wrapped around pickled onion, in pickle/vinegar.  The marinade though is a sweet dill marinade, consisting of a basic pickle with the addition of some spices and dill, of course.  So it's better than just pickled herring right?  Wrong.  At least not on toast avec un oeuf.

The herring packed a mighty kick making your eyes water.  Boiled egg on toast is good, but not known for its strong flavours and the herring just destroyed everything in this slice.  Grace couldn't even finish.  Not that that's a first!

Our 111th slice of toast - Tuna, cucumber & olives

A 3 ingredient topping here and not you're obvious combination at all.  I'm a big fan of tuna and olives separately and not a big fan of cucumber.  Grace likens cucumber to a sneeze, whilst I just don't tend to put the effort in to describe it.  So I suppose this is a kind of intercontinental tuna salad.  Interesting.

We went for Princes tuna.  Its a good'n.  We chose Aldi mixed black and green olives and you're standard supermarket cucumber 'portion', merely meaning that you don't get the whole thing.  So for the individual.  I can't imagine any single person would have an entire cucumber to themselves?

As a combo, it was strange.  Tinned tuna of course has nothing on a fresh tuna steak as it is less meaty in taste and the texture is fairly dry.  The olives were as strong as ever which overpowered the bland cucumber and its not like toast packs a punch to match the olive either.  So it didn't really work very well.  Oh well.

Our 110th slice of toast - PB & nutella

How had we not had this before?  Chocolate and nut is a fantastic combination.  Nutella already reps the combo and we've taken the ratio way over on the nut side of the scales.  And does it work?  Of course it does!

I never won my Nutella tree.

Our 109th slice of toast - Caramelised bacon

As far meat is concerned, bacon is probably among the least healthy.  But that's not unhealthy enough for many American's.  So, they cover it in sugar and bake the life out of it.  And I copied this tradition.  Unfortunately I had to bake it at home due to a lack of work ovens (none) and microwave it at work in one of our many work microwaves (two).

This caused the caramelisation factor to reduce, but the sweet salty taste remained.  This was unsurprisingly delicious as we liked this very much.

Our 108th slice of toast - Condensed milk

When I purchased this tin or Nestle carnation condensed milk, I also purchased some damn good quality Nescafe coffee.  Now never before have I considered the similarity in Nestle and Nescafe's names.  Nor had I before considered the similarity between their logo's.  But nevertheless, the tins began mating in my shopping bag and upon surfacing, they couldn't have been a better fit.  This is when it all came flooding in: the name; the logo.  Then, there, on the back of the Nescafe tin, was Nestle.

I'll finish with a poem:

Condensed milk is very sweet.
Like unbelievably sweet.
But in the most delicious way.
It doesn't taste like milk in any way.
Not today or any day.
We recommend you try this out.
Experience what it's about.
It spreads so great and tastes great too
We recommend this to you.

Our 107th slice of toast - Tinned spaghetti

It's Heinz for baked beans and it's Heinz for tinned spaghetti.  You can pronounce beans like a bit of a retard if you're desperate for a rhyme, but spaghetti has no chance, so I wouldn't recommend trying it.  Heinz are great at their tinned, tomato based toast foods.  They are of course, designed for toast.  They go too well not to be.

This slice was as expected - we loved it as much as we always have, throughout our toast loving lives.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our 106th slice of toast - Fried egg & tomato ketchup

Again, a classic barn breakfast item - fried eggs.  They are without doubt my favourite form of cooked egg, that is, when only eggs are used.  For example scrambled eggs can be made so much better by use of other ingredients within it, such as: chives; parmesan; cream fraiche; onions etc.  That's cheating.

Neither of us really eat tomato ketchup much.  I loves me a pickle or a relish, or even a strong mustard, but I find that ketchup just makes everything taste like... well... like ketchup.

So, we weren't particularly liberal with our ketchup appliance and the slice was actually pretty good.  So if you love ketchup, chances are you LOVE this one.  Again, sorry for my crap camera.  And crap isn't swearing.

Our 105th slice of toast - Beans and cheese

We went down to our canteen for slices 105 and 106 as they provide the toppings we needed.  Our canteen is situated in an old grade 2 listed barn, which is nice.  Unfortunately Grace left her phone all the way back at her desk, leaving the photo's to my Blackberry Pearl 9105 3G.  The camera isn't very good.  Also, half the lens was covered in dirty fingerprints, making the camera even worse still.  I remember when it was incredible to have a VGA camera on your mobile phone and now, here I am complaining about 3.2 mega pixels.  The flash though is excellent - it hurts peoples eyes.

Back to culinary chit chat, the beans and cheese were excellent.  But we knew this before we even started heading down to the barn.  We've all had beans and cheese before and more often than not, we love it.  I do have a friend who doesn't like beans though.  But he does like cheese...

Our 104th slice of toast - Cheese & a pineapple ring

This was the last of our Pilgrims Choice Wonderfully Strong and Punchy Extra Mature Cheddar cheese.  We loved it very much and highly recommend it to all those strong cheddar fans.  You deserve the best.  Cheese and pineapple always reminds me of those party cocktail sticks you get, with a little cube of cheese and a segment of pineapple.

Well we went one better here, putting it on toast (which is far more edible than a stick) and completing it with 1 entire pineapple ring, usually saved for gammon steaks.  This slice was fab.  Plenty of juice from the pineapple, strength from the cheese and the savoury dough based produce we all crave in bread.

One word of wisdom: tinned pineapple rings are called pineapple slices.  Thank me later.

Our 103rd slice of toast - Melted cheese and crispy bacon

Cheese on toast has to be a favourite nation favourite, especially with Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce over the top.  But what about with cold crispy bacon?  You know, the ready cooked stuff you can buy for extortionate amounts from the supermarket?  We gave it a go.

As far as bacon is concerned, I prefer it still squealing.  I don't like how you seem to lose half the rasher the more you cook it so as soon as it starts to shrink, its whipped off the heat and in to a sandwich.  I do like crispy bacon though and this was delicious.  The cheese was cheddar, thus extra mature.  What else?  There was something incredibly gnawish about the bacon too.  Worth the extra money for precooked bacon?  Yes, assuming one has no oven.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our 102nd slice of toast - Oatmeal & jam we had it with jam!  As mentioned in slice 101, porridge on toast is bland but not horrible.  But with jam, now this a completely different story.  We all begged for jam in our porridge as we were forced to eat our oats as children.  It improved the food tenfold and this doesn't change now and neither does it change on toast.

We went for a Bonne Maman strawberry jam.  This is an excellent jam, let me tell thee.  We spread this on the toast first, quite heartily, followed by spooning more of the oatmeal on top, splodging it around with the spoon until pleased with our distribution.  Oh my oh my oh my.  This was absolutely excellent for the both of us.  Low carbers should either avoid this completely, or stop being silly and get on it!  I recommend the latter.

Our 101st slice of toast - Oatmeal

101st doesn't sound right - but i'm quite sure it is.  Oatmeal is a healthy and hearty form of carbohydrates, great for a sustainable breakfast to get you up in the morning and last you until lunch.  I was already awake as i'd had eggs and a coffee for breakfast.  So, my oat fix was coming in at brunch.  We went for Quaker good morning instant oat sachet's, which Grace had donated to me months ago after years of drawer storage.  I didn't use them either and it would seem that these things just don't go off!

So, in case you are currently in the dark to the instant Quaker good morning oat sachet's, you poor the oats in to a bowl and fill the empty sachet back up with milk, to the line near the top.  You then poor the milk in with the oats and zap it for 2 minutes in a microwave, during which time the oats have a wild party with the milk and they become porridge!  Its science.  On toast, this was bland but not awful.  It honestly wasn't bad.  It just wasn't that NICE.  Perhaps it could have done with some jam...

Our 100th slice of toast - Banana split

Yeah, you remember the days of banana splits.  Perhaps your days of banana splits aren't yet over?  It's a good part of life.  I don't have them much really as i've become a man of savoury dishes.  I like to feed myself with foods that actually have a positive effect on the way I feel and function, though the toast adventure has certainly taken me away from that from time to time!  But it's been worth it of course.

We didn't split our banana, instead we mashed it up on top of the hot toast.  We don't hang around PTP.  We then squirted on the cream, drizzled over the chocolate syrup and finished it off graciously by sprinkling over the desiccated coconut.  Now that's a lot of verbs.

"Desiccated?  That poor coconut", exclaimed our Grace.  This slice was incredible and Grace and I enjoyed it immensely, making it a fantastic 100th slice.  Now on with the next century and more!

Our 99th slice of toast - Pepsi & whipped cream

Do people actually eat this kind of stuff?  Grace and I aren't fans of pepsi or coca-cola.  To be honest, I don't drink any non-alcohol carbonated beverages at all.  If it's not water, tea or coffee - it's alcoholic.  Sometimes I make my coffee alcoholic, just to push the boundaries.  I'm crazy like that.

We buttered the toast (obviously) and I decided to cut mine in to dipping strips, allowing for easier dunking abilities.  Planning as though I was intending on enjoying this one?  I wasn't expecting anything of the sort.  I arranged my dunkables in a michelin restaurant style, though the picture just does it no justice!  It looked pretty 5 star from my angle.  However the toast was arranged, nothing could have made this taste good.  The pepsi taste, the fizz, everything that had anything Pepsi involved was detestable.  And detested by us.  And rightly so!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Our 98th slice of toast - Cheddar cheese & relish

Hello ploughman's.  A ploughman's has to be one of my most favourite British meals, especially when enjoyed in a pub garden or at a picnic in the summer.  We decided on a Pilgrim's Choice extra mature cheddar.  I have always found Pilgrim's Choice cheese to be very tasty.  There really is no place for mild cheddar cheese.  Extra mature is the superior choice and I won't hear otherwise.  Literally, I just won't listen.

The relish was Branston hot chilli and jalapeno.  This sounded delicious but being a Branston product, who target the very widespread and fussy general public, we were quite sure this wouldn't be at all spicy.  We were correct, but with the jalapeno content at just 0.4% and in puree form, you can't expect much!  It was also ~10% cauliflower...

On toast, the ploughman's with a twist did not let down.  It was delicious and didn't taste of cauliflower one bit.

Our 97th slice of toast - PB & brown sugar

I put too much PB on this slice.  Now I know i've mentioned on more than 1 occasion that we are BIG fans of the PB, but when it stands taller than the thickness of our thick cut slices of bread, things may have gone a bit too far.  And too far they did indeed goeth.

P.S. I'd just like to mention to all those branded loaf anarchists that pride themselves on regularly eating home cut doorstep bread - my comment on thick slices referred to that of pre-sliced loaves.  I do also agree that they are not that thick.  I also love doorstep bread.

And the blog continues... I've always found brown sugar quite odd on toast, despite working on those little cake slice things you get with brown sugar on top and that i'm too lazy to try researching the name of, it doesn't really work on toast.  Its like sea salt, when its in large grains and you get a big crunch whilst attempting to enjoy a savoury dish of delicate flavours - it's upsetting.  This slice made me upset.  Though it wasn't so much the size of the brown sugar grains, but more the PB overdose.  I thought we were friends.  Alas.