Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our 108th slice of toast - Condensed milk

When I purchased this tin or Nestle carnation condensed milk, I also purchased some damn good quality Nescafe coffee.  Now never before have I considered the similarity in Nestle and Nescafe's names.  Nor had I before considered the similarity between their logo's.  But nevertheless, the tins began mating in my shopping bag and upon surfacing, they couldn't have been a better fit.  This is when it all came flooding in: the name; the logo.  Then, there, on the back of the Nescafe tin, was Nestle.

I'll finish with a poem:

Condensed milk is very sweet.
Like unbelievably sweet.
But in the most delicious way.
It doesn't taste like milk in any way.
Not today or any day.
We recommend you try this out.
Experience what it's about.
It spreads so great and tastes great too
We recommend this to you.

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