Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our 102nd slice of toast - Oatmeal & jam we had it with jam!  As mentioned in slice 101, porridge on toast is bland but not horrible.  But with jam, now this a completely different story.  We all begged for jam in our porridge as we were forced to eat our oats as children.  It improved the food tenfold and this doesn't change now and neither does it change on toast.

We went for a Bonne Maman strawberry jam.  This is an excellent jam, let me tell thee.  We spread this on the toast first, quite heartily, followed by spooning more of the oatmeal on top, splodging it around with the spoon until pleased with our distribution.  Oh my oh my oh my.  This was absolutely excellent for the both of us.  Low carbers should either avoid this completely, or stop being silly and get on it!  I recommend the latter.

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