Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our 104th slice of toast - Cheese & a pineapple ring

This was the last of our Pilgrims Choice Wonderfully Strong and Punchy Extra Mature Cheddar cheese.  We loved it very much and highly recommend it to all those strong cheddar fans.  You deserve the best.  Cheese and pineapple always reminds me of those party cocktail sticks you get, with a little cube of cheese and a segment of pineapple.

Well we went one better here, putting it on toast (which is far more edible than a stick) and completing it with 1 entire pineapple ring, usually saved for gammon steaks.  This slice was fab.  Plenty of juice from the pineapple, strength from the cheese and the savoury dough based produce we all crave in bread.

One word of wisdom: tinned pineapple rings are called pineapple slices.  Thank me later.

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