Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Our 98th slice of toast - Cheddar cheese & relish

Hello ploughman's.  A ploughman's has to be one of my most favourite British meals, especially when enjoyed in a pub garden or at a picnic in the summer.  We decided on a Pilgrim's Choice extra mature cheddar.  I have always found Pilgrim's Choice cheese to be very tasty.  There really is no place for mild cheddar cheese.  Extra mature is the superior choice and I won't hear otherwise.  Literally, I just won't listen.

The relish was Branston hot chilli and jalapeno.  This sounded delicious but being a Branston product, who target the very widespread and fussy general public, we were quite sure this wouldn't be at all spicy.  We were correct, but with the jalapeno content at just 0.4% and in puree form, you can't expect much!  It was also ~10% cauliflower...

On toast, the ploughman's with a twist did not let down.  It was delicious and didn't taste of cauliflower one bit.

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