Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our 111th slice of toast - Tuna, cucumber & olives

A 3 ingredient topping here and not you're obvious combination at all.  I'm a big fan of tuna and olives separately and not a big fan of cucumber.  Grace likens cucumber to a sneeze, whilst I just don't tend to put the effort in to describe it.  So I suppose this is a kind of intercontinental tuna salad.  Interesting.

We went for Princes tuna.  Its a good'n.  We chose Aldi mixed black and green olives and you're standard supermarket cucumber 'portion', merely meaning that you don't get the whole thing.  So for the individual.  I can't imagine any single person would have an entire cucumber to themselves?

As a combo, it was strange.  Tinned tuna of course has nothing on a fresh tuna steak as it is less meaty in taste and the texture is fairly dry.  The olives were as strong as ever which overpowered the bland cucumber and its not like toast packs a punch to match the olive either.  So it didn't really work very well.  Oh well.

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