Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our 106th slice of toast - Fried egg & tomato ketchup

Again, a classic barn breakfast item - fried eggs.  They are without doubt my favourite form of cooked egg, that is, when only eggs are used.  For example scrambled eggs can be made so much better by use of other ingredients within it, such as: chives; parmesan; cream fraiche; onions etc.  That's cheating.

Neither of us really eat tomato ketchup much.  I loves me a pickle or a relish, or even a strong mustard, but I find that ketchup just makes everything taste like... well... like ketchup.

So, we weren't particularly liberal with our ketchup appliance and the slice was actually pretty good.  So if you love ketchup, chances are you LOVE this one.  Again, sorry for my crap camera.  And crap isn't swearing.

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