Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our 103rd slice of toast - Melted cheese and crispy bacon

Cheese on toast has to be a favourite nation favourite, especially with Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce over the top.  But what about with cold crispy bacon?  You know, the ready cooked stuff you can buy for extortionate amounts from the supermarket?  We gave it a go.

As far as bacon is concerned, I prefer it still squealing.  I don't like how you seem to lose half the rasher the more you cook it so as soon as it starts to shrink, its whipped off the heat and in to a sandwich.  I do like crispy bacon though and this was delicious.  The cheese was cheddar, thus extra mature.  What else?  There was something incredibly gnawish about the bacon too.  Worth the extra money for precooked bacon?  Yes, assuming one has no oven.

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