Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our 105th slice of toast - Beans and cheese

We went down to our canteen for slices 105 and 106 as they provide the toppings we needed.  Our canteen is situated in an old grade 2 listed barn, which is nice.  Unfortunately Grace left her phone all the way back at her desk, leaving the photo's to my Blackberry Pearl 9105 3G.  The camera isn't very good.  Also, half the lens was covered in dirty fingerprints, making the camera even worse still.  I remember when it was incredible to have a VGA camera on your mobile phone and now, here I am complaining about 3.2 mega pixels.  The flash though is excellent - it hurts peoples eyes.

Back to culinary chit chat, the beans and cheese were excellent.  But we knew this before we even started heading down to the barn.  We've all had beans and cheese before and more often than not, we love it.  I do have a friend who doesn't like beans though.  But he does like cheese...

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