Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our 100th slice of toast - Banana split

Yeah, you remember the days of banana splits.  Perhaps your days of banana splits aren't yet over?  It's a good part of life.  I don't have them much really as i've become a man of savoury dishes.  I like to feed myself with foods that actually have a positive effect on the way I feel and function, though the toast adventure has certainly taken me away from that from time to time!  But it's been worth it of course.

We didn't split our banana, instead we mashed it up on top of the hot toast.  We don't hang around PTP.  We then squirted on the cream, drizzled over the chocolate syrup and finished it off graciously by sprinkling over the desiccated coconut.  Now that's a lot of verbs.

"Desiccated?  That poor coconut", exclaimed our Grace.  This slice was incredible and Grace and I enjoyed it immensely, making it a fantastic 100th slice.  Now on with the next century and more!

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