Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Our 116th slice of toast - PB, dipped in chocolate milk

WHERE HAS SKIPPY GONE!?  Calm your shetland ponies, we acquired some free Sunpat wholegrain crunchy PB, which is delicious, so went for a change.  Skippy lives on.  This new PB was a bit shy and hid behind the bowl.  So very unlike our Skippy.

We chose Yazoo for our chocolate milk.  Chocolate, PB and toast is a wonderful combination, as shown in slice 62 (Reese's pieces) but this didn't quite compare.  The chocolate taste was there, but not significantly enough and in hindsight, we should probably have gone for a thicker grade of chocolate milk such as Frijj.  Still, quite nice.  Different for sure.  But I preferred our 62nd slice.

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