Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Our 113th slice of toast - Cream cheese & kiwi

A kiwi is technically called a kiwifruit.  This is generally abbreviated to share its name with that of a small flightless bird native only to New Zealand, called the kiwi.  We didn't put the bird on toast.  This isn't to say we wouldn't, should the opportunity be laid down upon our blue towel plates, but we weren't presented with this opportunity so went for the kiwifruit instead.

Kiwifruit has a sharp taste to it.  I once overheard a strange conversation between two campanologists, discussing those who do and those who don't eat kiwifruits with their skins still on.  To eat a kiwifruit alone, both Grace and I prefer to cut it in half and scoop that sharp juicy centre out with a spoon.  We used this same method to apply it on our slice of toast.  The cream cheese mellows the sharp taste quite well, but as a combination I didn't find they were best suited.  Not all bad though.  I like the colour green, for example.

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